Written by Marcy Ages, Senior Consultant & Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, B.A, CIM, CFP, CPCA, CLU
November 4, 2014

Those of you who are familiar with my previous blogs  know that I’m passionate about issues around eldercare and finding resources to help you with family-related tax challenges. So I’m eager to talk about Prime Minister Steven Harper’s announcement last Thursday that the government would move forward with income splitting for families with children under the age of 18.

The new Family Tax Cut has sparked some controversy over its sizeable price tag, but offers substantial benefit to those able to take advantage. Here’s a brief overview of who will be affected and how.

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“Fabulous presentation! Speaker was informative and thought-provoking.”

“This difficult subject was presented in an interesting and engaging way.”

“You’ve given me lots of ideas for the future. Please keep these sessions coming!”

These are just some of the many encouraging comments we received from attendees of our September Speaker Series event, Sweet Successions. We’d like to thank our amazing clients for coming out with their families and other guests – you truly made the evening a success. We are so pleased that Ryan Ponsford, our incredible keynote speaker, was able to engage and inspire so many of you on the topic of family succession planning.

If you were unable to attend, you can view Ryan’s presentation on our events page.

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Thinking a renovation might be in your future? According to a recent CIBC poll, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. Home renovations are big business in Canada with four out of ten Canadian homeowners reporting that they expect to take on home improvements in 2014, spending on average just under $20,000. Renovations are often rationalized on the basis that they are an investment in your property. But the return on home renovations is not always clear-cut and, depending on what you do, you may not even recover your costs.

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via The Globe and Mail | November 10, 2014

With stock markets stumbling, people who have recently retired, or are about to, may be eyeing their savings nervously.

After all, withdrawing money from a shrinking pool early on in their retirement years could have a devastating effect later on. They could run out of savings.

Fortunately for those who plan to live off the income and capital of their investments, there are well thought-out suggestions on how to avoid these problems. They fall into a category that experts call the sequence of investment returns.

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