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by Steven Belchetz, President & Chief Investment Officer, T.E. Investment Counsel

This summer two of our consultants will celebrate significant anniversaries with T.E. Wealth – Maryse Ouellette of Montreal is crossing the 25-year milestone and Michael Giacomodonato of the same office will commemorate 30 years at T.E. Wealth. They join a growing number of T.E. Wealth consultants who have 20, or more, years of experience with us (for a complete list see Celebrating 20-plus years with T.E. Wealth). As a firm, the average tenure of our consultants is 15 years, a remarkable result given the current workplace culture of contract work and short-term postings. The advantage of this staying power at T.E. Wealth, to both our colleagues and our clients, can be summed up in one word – experience.

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via Globe and Mail | August 8, 2014

Mike and Morley are in their 40s with two children and a serious aversion to debt.

The mortgage they took out to buy their suburban Toronto home 14 years ago “was my first ever debt,” Mike writes in an e-mail. When the children came along, they had to borrow on a line of credit to buy vehicles and to help keep themselves afloat during parental leaves.

Although they earn $183,485 between them, “the experience of being in debt has been unbearable,” Mike writes. “I have been kept awake by the stress almost constantly,” he adds.

So large did the debts loom that every purchase, whether for weekly groceries or family vacations, seemed to be made on more borrowed money, he says.

Now, after years of “suffering, stress and sleeplessness,” Mike and Morley hope to have the last of their loans paid off by summer’s end.

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