Entries by Brent Soucie, Vice President & Financial Consultant

Investing in today’s world – returns are only half the battle

Investing in today’s world can be daunting. With so many different investment vehicles and products to choose from – and a myriad of advisors, providers, brokers, sub-advisors, and salespeople all looking to ‘help’ us – it’s sometimes difficult to separate the value from the noise. Moreover, the market itself often leaves cause for concern. Stock […]

The financial impact of cutting your ties with Canada and moving abroad

People move from one country to another for many different reasons. Job changes, secondments, the pursuit of education, retirement, or repatriation to one’s home country are but a few examples of the reasons people might move to, or from, Canada. This article will summarize things for Canadians to consider before making an international move. Working […]

Renting versus buying in today’s real estate market – Which is better?

In recent years, Canadian real estate prices have risen substantially – especially in places like Vancouver, Victoria and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). For people who have owned real estate throughout the boom, this price appreciation tends to leave little cause for worry. But what about those who are faced with the increasingly unattainable goal […]

4 things to look for in a financial planner

The world is full of people who offer financial advice – both professionally and personally. Newspapers, magazines, online articles, websites, blogs, podcasts, word-of-mouth, and television programs are but a few avenues that financial advisors use to spread their advice. Working your way through the vast amounts of financial information available to you can be a […]