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Investment Commentary – September 2014

Equity Markets Under Housing Arrest If you follow the financial press or watch any business television programming you will have gathered a sense that the housing situation [in the US in particular] is both very important and closely watched. Why? And, why do equity market prospects seem to hinge upon these metrics to such a […]

Investment Commentary – August 2014

The Great Interest Rate Debate It’s been said that the second law of economics states that for every economist there is an equal and opposite economist. As we noted in our commentary a few months ago, despite the perceived accuracy in building statistical models, economic analysis – unlike some of the more definitive theories in […]

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to act like one

Is being an entrepreneur all that it’s cracked up to be? People always say to me at the end of my speeches that they want to be an entrepreneur just like me. In those moments, I often think, “Are you sure?” I’ve been a fulltime entrepreneur for twenty years and I like to believe that […]

Building Meaningful Relationships through Social Media

Trust over Persuasion: Building Meaningful Relationships through Social Media Investing time in social media may seem like a waste of time to you. The thought of tweeting, liking, sharing, or writing, often seems like nothing but time wasted as opposed to time invested. Surprisingly, not all people have taken to the social media revolution and […]

The One Percent Life

written by Stuart Knight | October 9, 2014 I recently found myself enjoying a glass of wine and a nice meal with a friend while sitting on a bustling patio in Toronto. Our server was very friendly, outgoing and professional. Near the end of the meal, I noticed that she had a small tattoo of […]

Leaving an Inheritance – A blessing or a curse

Written by Ryan Ponsford | September 15, 2014 Ryan Ponsford provides counsel to families to help them mitigate the risks associated with multi-generational wealth transition. He is a sought-after speaker, thought-provoker, and facilitator at events and family retreats across the United States and Canada. Making the trek from San Diego, California, he’ll be joining us […]

Investment Commentary – July 2014

Currency Hedging from a Canadian Investor’s Perspective With Canada representing just 3% of global investment opportunities, Canadians tend to look abroad when constructing suitably diversified portfolios. For this reason, fluctuations in the loonie vis-à-vis other currencies can significantly affect the performance of a Canadian investor’s portfolio. For example, in the most recent quarter US stocks […]

Investment Commentary – May 2014

A Focus on Total Returns – An Investment Principle True in any Environment Of the various critiques levelled against economists and financial experts, one of the most interesting has to be that they exhibit “physics envy”. Analysts strive to predict markets through rigorous mathematical formulae, only to find out that finance is much messier in […]

The Value of a Holistic Approach to Your Taxes

Written by Matthew J. Ardrey, B.A., CFP, FMA, CIM | Consultant & Manager, Financial Planning April 25, 2014 Here at T.E. Wealth, we strive to be a one-stop shop for our clients’ financial planning and wealth management needs. To us, this means going beyond traditional financial and investment planning and moving into the world of […]

Investment Commentary – April 2014

The Commodity Conundrum Commodities are often a topic of discussion for investment professionals and the media alike given the sharp moves that are typical of this segment of the market. Plus, the composition of the Canadian marketplace means that this topic is afforded even more attention north of the 49th parallel. Many have recently declared […]