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How to survive a financial crisis

It doesn’t get any easier the more times we go through something like this. I can say this from experience. But there are ways to minimize the stress brought on by a financial crisis and better prepare for the next time. Hopefully, you already know some of the rational steps to take during a financial […]

Budgeting for baby

So, you’re going to have a baby. Congratulations! For most new parents, getting settled means learning how to best function on three hours of sleep per night, and figuring out which detergent has the best stain remover. Some parenting preparations are best learned on the fly, such as how to change the messiest of diapers, […]

What a robo-advisor can’t do

Do investors need traditional advisors anymore? Over the past few years there has been a rise in the use of online portfolio managers amongst affluent investors.1 These robo-advisors started out as automated online services that used risk tolerance questionnaires to determine a suitable investment solution for you. But these services have evolved from solely providing […]

Eldercare Financial Planning

In a previous blog, I wrote about some of the challenges in providing financial planning for Millennials. In this article, I would like to address some of the challenges of providing financial planning assistance as you care for elder relatives. The job of caring for elder relatives can often include helping them with their finances […]

How often should you review your financial plan?

Financial planning is an ongoing process that entails gathering data, defining your goals, identifying obstacles that may be in your way, then building the plan and implementing it. Your financial plan should be considered a “living document,” which means it’s continually edited and updated to reflect changes in your life or personal situation. It should […]