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The 3 Ps for leaving a legacy

“Legacy is not what I did for myself. It’s what I’m doing for the next generation.”  -Vitor Belfort Your business, your net worth and your family name. As a business owner, these are just some of the legacies you’ll eventually want to pass onto your children. Transferring these legacies, though, is not without the risk. […]

An innovative way to solve your family cottage dilemma

Originally published in Financial Independence Hub on May 30, 2019. Updated Aug 4, 2020. Sipping your morning coffee on the dock with your spouse, teaching your children to waterski, and roasting marshmallows with your grandchildren. These are just some of the treasured memories you’ve created at your family cottage. But times change and those memories […]

How to save the world (and some taxes too!)

Investing with impact through family foundations and the multiplication effect We are living in unprecedented times: millions working from home, social isolation and physical distancing measures and the uncertainty of battling a new global disease. While your investment portfolio has likely taken a hit in the last few weeks, many clients are looking at ways […]

Selling the Cézanne?

Do you ever wonder how much that painting hanging in your living room is worth? Or whether that vase your grandmother gave you is actually from the Ming dynasty? Knowing the background and value of your collectibles is not only entertaining, but may help you with refining your financial and estate planning. To find out […]

How to close more mid-market M&A deals

This article originally appeared in Middle Market Growth, an official publication of ACG. You’re at the eleventh hour of an M&A deal. The due diligence is finished, the purchase price has been agreed to and you’re about to close. Suddenly, the vendor contacts you with a seemingly insignificant excuse to scuttle the deal. What went […]