Entries by Karen Hall, Vice President, Financial Education & Employer Services, B.Sc., R.F.P, CFP

How to reduce the tax hit when transferring non-registered assets

Do you have cash or investments in a non-registered taxable account, but also have RRSP or TFSA contribution room available? Before transferring an investment into a registered account (or selling and transferring it), compare your book value to your market value.* Capital gains may apply and if you’re not careful, losses may be denied. Transferring […]

Employee Surveys: Listen, Plan, Execute

When crafting a Financial Education Communications Program, organizations need to understand their employee populations. Before a program is undertaken, we suggest employee input be obtained through a company-wide survey that covers one or more of the following: Levels of financial literacy Levels of knowledge of investments, company plan details and retirement income vehicles Topics of […]