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Entering the housing market with help from the Bank of Mom and Dad

With prices continuing to rise and stricter rules governing mortgage qualifications, a growing number of first-time homebuyers are turning to the “bank of mom and dad” to get into the housing market. A survey conducted in December 2018 by financial website Finder.com found that 67% of Canadian parents help their children financially – with 20% […]

Are millennials driving ethical investing?

In the transfer of wealth from baby boomers to millennials, the latter are poised to receive more than $30 trillion worth of inheritance. This massive wealth transfer is the reason fund managers are increasingly allocating resources to develop products that target this emerging client base. As millennials begin to engage with wealth and asset managers, […]

9 financial benefits of turning 65

UPDATED JAN 24, 2019 Many of us focus on retiring by age 65 but the thought of living off the nest egg we’ve built, rather than receiving employment income, can be daunting. Good news. There are many benefits available to help you stretch those dollars and hold on to your retirement dreams. Here are nine […]

Scoot right ’round the world

I thought my travelling days were over when I started having trouble walking. Boy, was I ever wrong. The secret, I’ve found, is a mobility scooter – and the more portable, the better. My lengthy search for the right one led me to the TravelScoot (shop.travelscootcanada.com). If I take a second to loosen a latch […]