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Travel and COVID-19: postponed, not cancelled

As the first phase of the COVID-19 begins to slowly wind down, many people are ramping up their plans to travel. Be it across town or around the planet, millions of Canadians are planning to resume some aspect of travel in our new-normal world. But how? Where? And when?  Having been physical distancing for weeks, […]

Is value investing dead?

 by Steven Belchetz & Robert Broad Last week’s Globe and Mail’s piece entitled, “Why value investing has never been more tempting “suggests that current market conditions may offer some unique opportunities for investors. The debate on value investing is near and dear to our hearts. Many of our client portfolios tend to tilt toward a value […]

Weeks where decades happen

  Yesterday was a milestone of sorts for the S&P 500 Index, and for most other stock markets, as it capped a three-month period in which the U.S. fell a staggering 34% over 33 days from the February 19th all-time high, only to gain half of it back in the last three weeks. Vladimir Lenin’s […]

Should retirees reduce RRIF payments during COVID-19?

by Jonathan Chevreau | published May 13, 2020 original source: https://www.moneysense.ca/save/retirement/retirees-reduce-rrif-payments-during-covid-19/ In March, the federal government gave RRIF owners the option of withdrawing 25% less than the mandated annual minimums in 2020. Here’s a guide to whether this could be an advantage to your situation—or not. If you’re a retiree drawing down on your portfolio, […]

Confronting the economic realities of Covid-19

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis shapes the lives of Canadians in countless ways. Millions of individuals and families seek emergency government support, investors nervously watch stock markets swing up and down wildly, and front-line health professionals exhaust themselves to save others. “What’s next?”, quite understandably, is a question on many minds as we all adapt to […]

Estate planning and COVID-19: the fundamentals still apply

The COVID-19 pandemic has many of us thinking about estate planning for our families. Have we made adequate provisions for a seamless transfer of assets if necessary? What about living wills? And in this era of physical distancing, how can we make any changes to estate plans when legal regulations call for in-person witnessing? These […]