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A voice of reason

A voice of reason Fall 2008 With market turbulence dominating the financial news in the third quarter, T.E. Wealth offers clients the benefit of our experience and guidance for weathering the most recent bout of uncertainty. Our view is that in times like these, a prudent investment policy will prove its value. The following is […]

Education savings revisited

Education savings revisited With new rules and new options, your education savings strategy may need a makeover. Discover how to make the most out of revamped RESPs, set aside the funds for graduate or professional studies and take advantage of the new Tax-Free Savings Accounts. New rules for Registered Education Savings Plans were introduced in […]

Our Checks and Balances

Fall 2009 By Kostas Andrikopoulos, President and CEO, T.E. Wealth High profile fraudsters such as Bernie Madoff and, more closer to home, Earl Jones, have shaken the confidence of investors everywhere. Here at T.E. Wealth, we work hard to earn our clients’ trust and not just through our financial planning advice and investment recommendations. Built […]

Is a family foundation right for you?

Once believed to be the domain of only the very wealthy, private foundations are getting a common touch as more and more Canadians discover a great way to give. Foundation-based philanthropy is on the rise in Canada. Perhaps it’s the influence of high-profile philanthropists such as Bill and Melinda Gates and Seymour Schulich. Or maybe […]

Cross-border property shopping

Looking to find your place in the sun? With real estate values falling in many U.S. hot spots and the Canadian dollar flying high, this could be your opportunity. Here’s what to consider before you buy. Flip through the weekend real estate section of your newspaper and you’ll likely see what is a growing trend […]

The Case for Financial Literacy

Spring 2008 By Blair Campbell, Manager, Business Development – Atlantic Region Most of us can imagine what it means to be illiterate – unable to fill out forms, decipher signs or follow the instructions on packaging, not to mention never knowing the pleasures of reading a good book. But what about financial literacy, what exactly […]

All in the family

All in the family Winter 2008 It’s not unusual for clients to ask their T.E. Wealth consultants to work with their children. Parents like the fact that their children are getting expert guidance from someone whom they trust. And the kids benefit from getting sound financial advice when they need it most. Here are some […]

What’s on your mind?

What’s on your mind? The fallout from the sub-prime crisis and the growth of the Canadian dollar are just two of the topics clients are asking about. T.E. Wealth explored these issues and what it means for investors with T.E. Investment Counsel. Strategies: The sub-prime mortgage crisis continues to be in the headlines. What’s going […]