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Bubbles beyond borders

Co-existing with COVID is something St. Lucia’s Prime Minister, Allan Chastanet, was touting on BNN last week. Since June 4, the Caribbean travel destination opened its doors for international travel and has only had 27 COVID cases and no deaths according to Travel Week News. Over 40,000 Canadians went to St. Lucia in 2019 and […]

Watch out for COVID-related investment scams

Terry Willis, Vice President & Financial Consultant, T.E. Wealth Normally around this time a year, the CRA phone scam starts up. A typical scenario has a taxpayer receiving an aggressive call from a fraudster, demanding credit card or other personal information to pay taxes owing. If the taxpayer doesn’t agree to the request, they’re told […]

Tax filing do’s and don’ts

My wife and I were watching a comedian on television the other night who was doing a bit on people who are always late. He commented on how they like to rebrand themselves as “fashionably late,” and almost always look better than everyone else. While being late may elicit little more than an offhand remark […]

The ABCs of RESPs

You’ll spend years accumulating that RESP nest egg for your darling little Einstein. Because as a parent, you want your child to have the same – if not better – opportunities that you had. But sorting out the different options and regulations around RESPs can be overwhelming. Here’s a quick lesson on some key things […]