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Tax filing do’s and don’ts

My wife and I were watching a comedian on television the other night who was doing a bit on people who are always late. He commented on how they like to rebrand themselves as “fashionably late,” and almost always look better than everyone else. While being late may elicit little more than an offhand remark […]

The ABCs of RESPs

You’ll spend years accumulating that RESP nest egg for your darling little Einstein. Because as a parent, you want your child to have the same – if not better – opportunities that you had. But sorting out the different options and regulations around RESPs can be overwhelming. Here’s a quick lesson on some key things […]

How to plan for healthcare costs in retirement

It’s a well-known fact – people are living longer. Despite all the talk about cancer, obesity, heart failure and eating bacon, science and medical advancements have increased life expectancy in the developed world drastically over the past two decades. Unfortunately, this can also be viewed as a double-edged sword. Living longer costs more and the […]

5 Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Statistics from various sources show that six out of 10 Canadians don’t have a retirement plan, and even fewer have an estate plan. This could expose loved ones to financial risk and potentially create familial conflict that could otherwise be avoided. The topic may not exactly be water cooler material – but it should be […]

7 Retirement Tips for Millennials

I was fortunate enough to land a job with a bank right out of university after being told I couldn’t continue to play hockey after graduation. I often tell people I went to University to play hockey – not for the education. The education piece was a bonus. I haven’t told my kids this though. […]