An innovative way to solve your family cottage dilemma

Originally published in Financial Independence Hub on May 30,…
women prayer hands wearing surgical mask

Support for businesses expands as COVID crisis evolves

I recently wrote about government support programs for individuals…
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The impacts of COVID on small business: more challenges lie ahead

When viewed through the lens of job-growth figures, the Canadian…
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Are you tax planning for you, or your estate?

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death…
Steven Belchetz

Should I stay or should I go? Stock recovery in Q2

On March 23, no one would have anticipated that we’d have…

A tumultuous first half

Although Canadian stocks were closed for trading on Canada Day,…
Title: Building Sustainable Indigineous Community Wealth

Building Sustainable Indigenous Community Wealth

Kain Big Canoe, Senior Manager of Indigenous Services, shares…
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Working with Your Indigenous Community Investment and Trust Advisory Partner

A significant amount of new wealth is being created across…
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Youth and COVID-19: How to find jobs and expand networks

Over the last few months, thousands of jobs for young Canadians…
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Managing Community Priorities in the Framework of Indigenous Trusts

written by Jack Jamieson, Vice President Indigenous Services…