Financial Makeover Articles … what do they accomplish?

Most major financial publications have some form of financial facelift or money makeover. Along with my associates at T.E., we have done many of these over the last several years. But, why do we do it and why are these articles so popular?

Why we do it is pretty simple:

  •  it’s a way for us to promote the application of “meat and potatoes” personal financial planning
  •  we feel that this gives back something to the publication’s readers that will show them concretely how personal financial planning can help steer someone on the right course for their financial future
  •  it’s an excellent way to build brand awareness for the planner and the firm, and in fact existing clients will occasionally mention these articles

Why are these articles so prevalent?

  • we all have a basic fascination with not only peeking into somebody else’s finances but also gaining some insights from what other people are doing with their finances and what recommendations are being made
  • none of the stories or the participants are fictional, all the people in these articles are very real and their financial concerns are genuine
  • we typically see many of these same financial concerns expressed by clients when they initially come into our office

Taking time to plan your finances and map out a strategy for the future is critical.  No business in existence would ever shun this responsibility. Yet, many families and individuals ignore their financial structuring and long-range planning; as these makeover articles consistently reinforce, ignoring your finances and figuring that it’ll all just work out fine, no problem, can be detrimental to your future financial security.

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