Gil Lamothe, speaker at  the 18th annual IAFP Symposium 2020 virtual event

We are excited to announce that Gil Lamothe, Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, of Leon Frazer & Associates, will be a speaker at  the 18th annual IAFP Symposium 2020 virtual event!

Many investors are analyzing which sectors will win or lose in a post-COVID world. Gil Lamothe believes that the economic effects of the global response to COVID-19 are less sector specific than what might be expected from a traditional-style recession. In his view, the success of a portfolio is based more on taking a bottom-up approach. To be sure, one must have a strong understanding of the macro environment; however, investment decisions have greater success when based on long-term analysis of individual companies. Gil’s presentation will focus on the Canadian investment landscape, and is informed by nearly three decades of experience observing and managing Canadian Equity portfolios.

Gil Lamothe speaker at the 18th annual IAFP Symposium 2020 virtual event


Don’t miss Gil’s presentation, “Investment lessons of a pandemic” on Wednesday, September 30, 9:15am – 10:00am

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