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Our investment process is based on the merits of long-term strategic asset allocation, regular rebalancing with rigorous manager selection criteria, ongoing regular monitoring, and consolidated client reporting. We provide:

Investment analysis and planning
Your asset mix and investment policy ranges will be determined after we conduct a thorough analysis of your return objectives, risk tolerance, spending practices and any other potential constraints.

Investment manager selection
We diligently screen a wide universe of investment managers to identify those with a proven history of risk appropriate performance and stability. We then construct portfolios that are diversified across multiple managers and investment styles, in order to provide diversified risk-controlled solutions.

Portfolio structure and design
One size does not fit all, particularly when it comes to investing. That’s why we research numerous managers in order to recommend diversified solutions best suited to each client’s specific goals and objectives.

Measurement and reporting
Manager monitoring and evaluation is extensive and ongoing. We provide consolidated quarterly reports that show overall portfolio performance against relevant benchmarks and established return objectives.

Periodic review and adjustment
Knowledge is power, so we endeavour to provide you with just that. You will receive concise reporting, regular portfolio reviews and one-on-one attention in order to address any changes in your goals and needs.

Institutional-style investing for individuals

T.E. Investment Counsel offers customized asset allocation strategies, multi-manager and multi-style investment portfolios for individuals, at competitive pricing. T.E. Investment Counsel’s clients have access to direct-to-manager accounts via segregated and/or pooled funds with our approved investment managers or our proprietary managed platform: the Prosperity pooled fund program.

These benefits are available through two distinct investment platforms:

Direct management

We contract directly with institutional and high-net-worth investment managers who are screened and selected to work on your behalf. Your T.E. investment counsellor will actively monitor your portfolio to ensure you remain on track with your objectives.

Pooled management

Participate in cost-effective investment pools through the Prosperity™ Investment Program. You’ll have access to a pool of elite, institutional investment managers with continual portfolio oversight by your T.E. investment counsellor.