Is a Medical Concierge Service for You?

Spring 2011

At T.E. Wealth, we are continually looking for new ways to be of value to our clients. As clients plan for lifestyle and life stage transitions that come with retirement, or experience age and health-related changes, additional services are needed. While the delivery of these services may extend beyond the traditional in-house expertise of a financial services firm, planning for them does not. As particular needs are identified by our consultants through the comprehensive planning process, we have often been able to provide clients with customized solutions. Recently, we have taken a closer look at one such area, medical concierge services, to see if these might be of interest to our clients.

Access to the services and options you need

Timely access to health services remains elusive to many. The consequences can have a profound impact on quality of life and derail a well-planned future. Many individuals are choosing to take a more proactive approach to their health and becoming more informed about options that suit personal and family circumstances. Available on an individual basis and for families, private medical concierge services are growing in popularity and scope. Basic services can include access to experienced nurse practitioners who can help navigate the public and private medical systems and manage all bookings to top medical facilities in Canada and elsewhere. From help finding a primary care physician in your area and responsive referrals to specialists, to the timely arrangement of tests and procedures, medical concierge services can deliver access and peace of mind.

Best-in-class resources and facilities

More extensive options also exist. Executive medical services can provide a level of diagnostics that goes far beyond routine, public-funded annual physicals to thoroughly evaluate your current condition and provide a baseline assessment for the future. Second opinions on health issues can be garnered from leading specialists, ensuring you have all the information that you need to make the best choices regarding a future course of treatment. If circumstances warrant, access can also be arranged to extensive medical networks that incorporate some of the top institutions in the United States.

Let us know what you think

T.E. Wealth is continuing to evaluate these and other services that meet the evolving needs of our clients. If you or your family would be interested in learning more, be sure to let your T.E. Wealth consultant know or email

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