Private school for their girls is couple’s best option

Private school for their girls is couple’s best option

The Globe and Mail | October 24, 2010

Grace and Gordon have little debt, substantial savings, a home in Toronto and two daughters, aged 9 and 7.

Gordon, an executive, is 51. Grace, who works in marketing, is 48. Between them they earn $280,000 a year.

They feel strongly about their children’s education and are concerned that the local high school, which is a fair distance from their house, “is not of the nature that we would want for our daughters,” Gordon writes in an e-mail.

The dilemma: Should they sell their house and move to a better high school district, with all the costs that would entail, or dish out a considerable sum – which Gordon estimates at $240,000 in after-tax dollars (four school years, times two) – and send their children to a private school instead?

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