T.E. Wealth Speaker Series presents Adele Tevlin

The T.E. Wealth Speaker Series events focus on wealth management and lifestyle concerns, to promote the overall goal of living well through improved financial and physical health. At our January events in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, executive weight loss coach, Adele Tevlin, will speak about the power of food to transform people’s lives.

Neuropsychology combined with nutrition explains why we are what we eat.

Adele Tevlin understands that knowing how food affects the brain and influences behavior is the key to pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Through Adele Wellness, her Executive Weight Loss Coaching business, she helps busy executives adopt sustainable lifestyle changes that lead to healthier, more productive lives. With a degree in Neuropsychology from McGill University and expertise as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Adele has the education and experience to get at the root causes of why we eat, what we eat and when we eat. By identifying trigger foods and behaviors, she develops personalized strategies to break the reward cycle that can sabotage healthy eating. In her experience, improved nutritional health has a positive spillover effect on sleep, mood and energy that simply makes life more enjoyable. Her engaging and educational style has made Adele a sought after speaker on issues relating to nutrition and healthier living.

For further information on the T.E. Wealth Speaker Series, please visit our event invitation.

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