Gil Lamothe promo for IAFP Symposium

Gil Lamothe, speaker at  the 18th annual IAFP Symposium 2020 virtual event

We are excited to announce that Gil Lamothe, Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, of Leon Frazer & Associates, will be a speaker at  the 18th annual IAFP Symposium 2020 virtual event!

Many investors are analyzing which sectors will win or lose in a post-COVID world. Gil Lamothe believes that the economic effects of the global response to COVID-19 are less sector specific than what might be expected from a traditional-style recession. In his view, the success of a portfolio is based more on taking a bottom-up approach. To be sure, one must have a strong understanding of the macro environment; however, investment decisions have greater success when based on long-term analysis of individual companies. Gil’s presentation will focus on the Canadian investment landscape, and is informed by nearly three decades of experience observing and managing Canadian Equity portfolios.

Gil Lamothe speaker at the 18th annual IAFP Symposium 2020 virtual event


Don’t miss Gil’s presentation, “Investment lessons of a pandemic” on Wednesday, September 30, 9:15am – 10:00am

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The value of connection

In late September, our firm held its annual Wealth Management Conference. This year, it was titled, Energy Exchange: The Power of Relationships. With a focus on recognizing the value of client and colleague connections, the conference brought together about 70 of our firm’s national financial experts to expand their knowledge on a number of topics, as well as help keep them current in attaining ongoing industry accreditation requirements. Some of the topics covered were privacy and transparency, Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), dispelling myths about aging and the latest on digital wealth solutions. It was also a chance for our people to share their best practices and learn new ways of providing value to their clients.

During the conference’s three-day run, we introduced a fundraising challenge to see how much money attendees could raise for the Canadian-based charity Live Different. In total, the conference raised over $18,000 for the cause. We’d also like to acknowledge the generosity of our business partners who sponsored the conference: PPI Advisory, Infinite Investment Systems, National Bank Independent Network and Purefacts.

The T.E. Wealth Speaker Series presents:

An evening of inspiration with Mike Downie

Join us as Mike shares anecdotes and insights that shaped his brother Gord Downie’s journey as a musician, artist, and as a prominent leader in Canada’s truth and reconciliation movement. Mike explains how we can all draw from the way Gord Downie approached his life to find our own path toward meaning and self-realization.




Toronto – Tuesday, September 25th at The King Edward Hotel, 37 King Street East
RSVP: Paul Robinson • 416-366-1451 • probinson@tewealthold.test

Calgary – Tuesday, October 2nd at The Bow, 54th Floor, 500 Centre Street SE
RSVP: Donna Tolley • 403-233-8370 • dtolley@tewealthold.test

Vancouver – Thursday, October 4th at Terminal City Club, 837 West Hastings Street
RSVP: Sheila Bergen • 604-637-4711 • sbergen@tewealthold.test

Bernard Voyer O.C., C.Q. : Explorer, inspirational speaker

From the North Pole to the South Pole to Mt. Everest, Bernard was the first North American to climb the highest peak on every continent. He has been recognized by the Governor General of
Canada as one of the 50 greatest Canadians of the last 50 years, and by Sir Edmund Hillary for his exceptional career as a polar explorer and mountain climber. Today, Bernard travels the globe, using his experiences to help people understand the importance of digging deep within themselves to tap into their inner resources and reach their goals.

Montreal – Wednesday, October 3rd at Hotel Birks, 1240 Phillips Square
RSVP:  514-845-3200

Quebec – Tuesday, October 16th at TBD
RSVP: 514-845-3200


This article was published in T.E. Wealth’s Strategies newsletter, September 2018 edition. Read the full edition here.