Welcome to the Money Clinic

Losing sleep over financial worries can be a nightmare. The Money Clinic is here to help.

The Money Clinic is a new feature on our website that answers your money management questions. Just submit your personal finance issue to our team of experts and, if selected, one of them will come up with a strategy to help you manage the situation.

Some issues we can help with:

– Adjusting your retirement plan after a divorce
– Complex tax issues
– Helping your children with home ownership
– Ensuring you retire without debt
– Building your dream home

If we feel that your situation could benefit others, we may contact you about publishing your scenario on our website. Names and particulars will be altered to protect anonymity. If your case is not selected for publication, you may still qualify for a complimentary financial mapping session.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please let us know about your challenge at info@tewealth.

This article was published in T.E. Wealth’s Strategies newsletter, March 2019 edition. Read the full edition here.

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